TV Wall Mounters Background Checks

Thank you for completing this important step to becoming a part of the TV Wall Mounter team as a 1099 contractor, employee, or for a TV Wall Mounters related project.  Before confirmation of employment, or approval to continue as a 1099 contractor or other offered role, a successful completion of a background check and clearance by Human Resources is required. By completing the below steps, you can confidentially submit your information online.


Why are background checks required? 


TV Wall Mounters LLC's insurance carrier requires this process to help safeguard the company from liability exposures. Additionally, we represent to our customers and clients that we background check all employees, contractors, and vendors thoroughly.


Carefully complete all applicable/required fields (Legal name, date of birth, address, and social security number.)

The system will not process information entered incorrectly.  Another background check with a fee would be required.

 Be prepared to pay $20 or more(by credit or debit card). A national background check is conducted. 

If the applicant lived in other states outside of Wyoming or California, additional fees may be incurred.


What happens next?


TV Wall Mounters Human Resources Team will review the background results and contact you directly.

If you have not completed ID VERIFICATION please click the button below:

PLEASE NOTE:  For Liability Insurance purposes, submission of the background check information is NOT an approval to begin contracting or working.


If you have any questions or special circumstances, feel free to contact: